Storytelling for Entrepreneurs


FREE workshop led by instructor Keenan Rhodes for entrepreneurs and social change makers who understand the power of stories to shape reality. The myths and the stories we create shape the reality of the world we know and understand.

Participants will learn:
– Techniques to craft your own narrative and communicate your vision to others
– How to market your story, build your social capital and make your story contagious and sticky
– Examples of how other storytellers have crafted narratives and stories to communicate ideas and emotion

About Keenan Rhodes

Keenan Rhodes is a photographer, videographer and storyteller that has been working with the Kheprw Institute for over 10 years. He’s produced many stories and videos capturing narratives of communities, and his current focus is applying these skills to launch the Kheprw Entrepreneurial Incubator ( His most recent work is Still Shinin: The Documentary, a film narrative about how artists use their trauma to fuel their art and heal themselves and others in the process (watch the documentary:


This is part of a monthly third Saturday series leading up to the launch of the Kheprw Entrepreneurial Incubator. The incubator is a collaboration of Kheprw Institute, KI NuMedia, Scarabys Consulting and others to create an engine to build community wealth through social capital in Indianapolis. Learn more at